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Manufacturers Represented

Col-Met Spray Booths

Paint and powder spray
booths for a wide range of applications, including
automotive, truck and
large equipment.


Leaders in powder coating
and liquid coating equipment
and accessories.

Falcon Finishing

Turnkey finishing systems
and components, including
multi-stage washers, ovens
and conveyor systems.

 RP - EZ Clean

Spray booth exhaust filter
media and hardware.

Final Process Equipment & Supply - Paint Booths and Equipment -  Chicago, Il.

Chicago Il. Automotive Paint Booths, Industrial Paint Booths, Booth Air Make Up, and Turn Key Booth Systems.

Chicago Truck Spray Booths    We realize that you have many choices when it comes to purchasing your automotive or industrial paint booths, metal finishing equipment, and supplies. So we put our value proposition right up front.

   With Final Process Equipment & Supply you will receive unrivaled service and value on the industry’s best products and supplies. We offer a full line of products for the entire finishing process. From parts washing and deburring to paint booths and powder coating booths to ovens and heated air make up systems to supplies for all parts of the finishing process. When you compare price, delivery, service after sale, and value-added knowledge, Final Process Equipment & Supply is the clear choice.
Chicago Large Equipment Spray Booths
   We are Chicago, Il. suppliers of paint booths and finishing equipment dedicated to providing Chicago IL with only the best in paint booths and spray booth systems. All products are designed to comply with O.S.H.A. , N.E.C., and N.F.P.A. standards. All products provide a clean, safe, and healthy work environment.

   We can custom design a system for your unique requirements or provide a standard booth from a large offering of pre-engineered paint booths. From automotive, equipment, and industrial to large truck paint booths and large equipment spray booth systems for every application, Creative engineering and attention to detail will assure that you get the right system for your application.

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Final Process Equipment and Supply - Proudly Serving Chicago Il.

Final Process Equipment - Serving Chicago IL 60624  - Main Office: 262-338-0003

Manufacturers Represented

Giant Finishing

Mass finishing equipment
for vibratory deburring
and polishing.

Better Engineering

Automated cleaning

Monlan Group

Fluid filtration and
recycling systems.


Immersion dip systems
for anodizing,
barrel plating,
and aluminum finishing.