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Spray Booths exhaust plant air, heating, and air-conditioning. This is both costly and inefficient. Air is taken for granted, but is a critical part to any work environment. Air - its quality, temperature, contaminants, and movement - have an enormous impact on employee comfort and productivity. Most commercial and industrial buildings were designed to meet specific ventilation requirements.

As a company grows, changes in manufacturing operations, space, and the number of employees can cause an uncomfortable and inefficient work environment. Air Replacement Units or Air Make-Up Units are used to control the air in the working environment. Make-up air is a system that continuously replaces the air being exhausted with fresh air - air that can be heated, cooled, humidified, dehumidified, filtered, or simply moved by an induction fan. Most importantly, air replacement solves the problem of air contamination, exchanging stale air, eliminating drafts, and maintaining proper comfort zones.

Our systems can be used for plant replacement air or can be connected directly to a paint booth. Systems connected directly to the paint booth provide the best painting environment and the ability to provide a cure cycle required by many of the current high solids paints.

Air Make-Up Replacement Specifications:

All Booths with Curing Systems will Feature a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). With a VFD, perfect balance can be achieved through controlling the fan motor speed at the control panel. The operator simply observes the booth pressure via the mangnehelic gauge provided on the panel, and dials in the appropriate balance, through balancing pontentiometers to adjust the frequency of the VFD as easily as one might adjust the volume on a radio. (VFD ensures constant and uniform airflow throughout a spray booth at all times.)

Industrial Coating Services is a Chicago, Il. supplier of industrial paint booths dedicated to providing Chicago Il. with only the best in paint booth and spray booth systems. Offering a booth for every application. We can custom design a system for your unique requirements or provide a standard spray booth from a large offering of pre-engineered booths. Creative engineering and attention to detail will assure that you get the right industrial paint booth system for your application. From automotive, equipment, and industrial spray booth systems to large aircraft paint spray booths. Taking pride in the ability to provide the best system for your application. Whatever your requirements we can design a paint booth system for you.

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